About Asa Heat

Asa Heat was found by me, Asia Armstrong in 2017 in my small apartment. I wanted to invent a product that told a story and not just did a “job”. I realized all women related in some type of way and that was through HAIR. Women and some men love there hair! Hair can be worn in many styles, cuts and trims but, all women love there hair. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to start a hair tool line, showcasing straighteners. A straightener that leaves your hair soft and flowing, sealing in moisture and capturing the look you’re going for. Whether we are styling our hair “just because it Saturday” or to “paint the town red” this hair tool will leave us feeling like we’re the focal point in every single room you step foot in. And that was my goal, simply to push all hairstyles to there max and to always be noticed.

How It Works